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Sacred Woman

Women only Experiences



Touch from another woman can create a sense of safety and openness. It can also feel intimidating and strange if one has never experienced touch from another woman. That is why I practice patience throughout our time together.
I feel into what the body of the woman needs at the time and communicate back a deep understanding of inner knowing. 
A loving and soft touch is a way into a woman's heart and soul. This is the intention I want to set for our personal time in the sacred sisterhood space.

During our time together, we can explore working with your boundaries and allow the energy to flow into a timeless experience where your needs are met.
A sacred yoni massage can be explored when the body is open and ready to receive soft intimacy.

Enteral yoni massage will be delicately determined at your own pace. 
Sweet and blissful surrender is the focus of our time together. Nothing more, nothing less.


Woman Massage

340 - 1.5 hrs
500 - 2 hrs

600 - 3 hrs

*Client appreciation package - Purchase 3 sessions upfront and receive 1 session on me. (One year expiry date) 

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