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"I too have been lucky enough to have her fit me into a spectacular session before she makes her way to Vancouver at the end of the month! Our last session this past weekend was most memorable with a mix of modalities which always make it both therapeutic and enjoyable. Allow her to be the conductor in assessing your needs and mood and you won't be disappointed. Bravo Reye"             


"So amazing at what she does......"                 


"My first session was with Reye who is probably one of the most interesting people i have met. She was very honest in her conversation and just so beautiful and talented at massage. It was the perfect first time experience. I hope to see her again when she is back in town."


"Reye is one of the most beautiful amazing person to have entered my life. Our sessions began a few years ago and we clicked at hello. I agree time spent with Reye is no different than meeting a old friend to catch up on events."


"You see, Reye is a pretty magical human being and a bit of an enigma. Yes, she's bite-the-back-of-your-hand gorgeous, but she also has this aura about her that's super chill and one that forges an instant connection with you and puts you at total ease. Something that is very rare indeed.

She's like this perfect blend of super smart, super hot and super down to earth. Plus she's an amazing RMT and an overall great person. A perfect blend like this hasn't been seen since Reese's combined peanut butter and chocolate.

OK, so it's established that Reye is awesome. But what she can do, and how she makes you feel is even more, erm, awesomer.

Not only did I receive THE best massage I've ever had, the conversation was great, we shared a lot of laughs, and despite only having just met her, I felt a really deep connection. Reye is absolute magic.

Intoxicating is one way of describing her. Addictive is another.

Do yourself a favour and book some time to see her. Just not, like, the times when I want to book with her. :)

Thank you, Reye, for being so great and making my first time so perfect. Can't wait to see you again.

TL;DR: Reye is lovely, awesome, sexy and super rad. She is the world's best RMT and you will day dream about her after she's had her hands on you. She's also really fuckin' cool and if you're like me, you'll probably find yourself wanting to book a session with her every.. single.. day. My bank account will hate me, but it will be soooo worth it."


"I saw Reye a few weeks ago when I was looking more for a connection/re-connection and went with the tantra massage.

This is one of those reviews that’s hard to explain… but in case you haven’t already read elsewhere, Reye is a gem. Or maybe more accurate would be closer to an ancient crystal, charged with an energy of healing, acceptance….

From the moment I arrived, she was friendly and open. We had a quick chat, and with her intuition, she quickly hit the nail on the head with her comments.

Onto the massage and that’s when it became more intangible. Yes I felt her touch, yes I felt her breath, but I also felt a gift of something more beyond that.

After I peeled myself off the table… and another quick chat, I left reset, smiling, more focused, positive and recharged. Thank you Reye"


"I had the unique pleasure of being a tester for her upcoming dinner date offerings last week. A perfect setting and tonic as it was just after that snowy Thursday. The food was both nutritious, warming and tasty, which made the whole evering relaxingly organic. Reye is so engaging in conversation and her knowledge (not only from healing through physical touch) as well as what she will offer from her organic cupboards for your insides results in a novel experience. Looking forward to a future dinner date sometime in the new year for sure. Thanks Reye - a superb way to lead into Winter. 

The therapeutic massage this week was also superb as always - magic hands." 


"I met with Reye as a novice in the world of Tanta massage,I had no idea of what to expect.
What Reye provided was an experience where every nerve in my body was delightedly turned on and ignited, a positive session where all my senses were in overload.
Reye provided me with an outstandingly experience and I left Reye’s place energized with a new found kick in my step. Just like she said I would !
Thank you Reye."


"I had the pleasure of visiting Reye for the first time last week.
She is easy to connect with and helpful in choosing the right type of therapeutic massage for you.
Her location is very discrete especially for something downtown. (Close to downtown at least).
Studio is clean and cozy with lots of free parking.
Reye is a young beautiful woman who definitely knows her way around a mans body. When I say that she gives firm and proper pressure in her massage and you can definitely feel that her motions have intent. (As opposed to feeling hands just rubbing up and down your back from someone less trained.) I’m quite a stiff person from all of the physical activity I do and Reye was more than able to loosen me up and get into some muscle groups that see no attention from me or from other RMTs.
After laying on my stomach for the first half I was pleased to see upon my flip that she was completely undressed and ready to move into a sensual massage. All I have to say about that is wow! Those breasts rubbing all over my body is something else! Fortunately but unfortunately my performance was subpar as I was unable to handle her slippery hands as long as I would have liked to. Of course because of that I made sure to book a subsequent 1.5 hour session in 2 days to get another chance.

I’ve seen many ladies on caf and one thing I really appreciate other than RMT skills is not being rushed out. It’s nice to know that with some ladies like Reye, your time (that you pay for) is properly managed where you’re not done at the top of the hour but when “you’re done.” I also mention this because I was late twice for my own personal matters afterwards. (But I’m not complaining!)"


"I've been on/off with this hobby, but was feeling the need for a good massage last month so thought I'd visit Reye. I opted for the hour natural relaxation massage and it was just what I needed; I previously saw her almost two years prior and while her techniques were great then, they were even better (as she has been training and learning new skills). Her massage skills are superb and it felt like I was at an RMT and she put me right at ease. As others have said on her, Reye is a beautiful woman with wonderful features who enjoys what she does, which makes it that much more enjoyable for the one receiving her services."


"I went to see Reye yesterday for 1 hr tantric session. I have been to tantric session before so I had an idea about it. Honestly speaking last time I didn't enjoy a lot, but after reading reviews about Reye I decided to see her for tantra session.
I was a bit nervous but Reye made me comfortable in few mins. She has the great personality and great technique. I never felt so much energy in me what I felt yesterday after the session. It was great from the start till the end. I have no words to explain the feeling. Reye you are amazing cant wait to see you again. The only negative thing about the session was it didn't happen early."


"I just spent an hour with Reye. I have seen Reye a few times and it seems that every-time i get to know her better. Reye is an amazing and intelligent person she amazes me every single time. She if beautiful and has an amazing body but in my opinion ,and hope I don't sound too cheesy, it is her intelligence and who she is as a person that keeps me coming back. Thank you Reye for an amazing morning/afternoon"


"I am not really sure how to explain a session with Reye. So she is down to earth, beautiful provides an amazing massage that is pleasurable and super effective at healing the soreness throughout my body. I feel amazing after a Reye massage."


"The energy and ambiance she creates, it’s as if she has some magical power the male anatomy, she seems to know just where to touch, just the right pressure and the excruciating pace; then rippling bliss."


"Reye knows how to transition from business to pleasure seamlessly, and she cares very much about your unique experience".


"I've always found that I can't get enough of a good thing. And for that reason I've gone back to see Reye a number of times - I'm considering making our massage sessions a regular treat that I give myself every couple of weeks. Except that this time ... I couldn't wait the full 2 weeks, and saw her again after one )

As you get to know this fine lady, a synergy is created, an energy that flows between the two of you, making that massage session more intimate, more connected. I'm not naive, I don't have visions of being massaged in a far away land by this beauty on a trip that the two of us take, but the fact remains that the more you see someone the greater the opportunity to tap into their energy, and them into yours. Reyes massage technique is first class. Clinical, then Sensual then a Wave that moves through your body until you're on the table in an uncontrollable pulsating release. The use of all of her body and her talented hands will have you releasing the moan that you've hidden inside Embrace the moan it's another means for Reye to tune into every touch that turns you on.

When the energy is right, the shape shifting begins. The reach, the play, the flip, the WOW .... in that order. From relaxed, to teased, to excited, to release ... the experience will have you coming back for more, again and again."


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