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The Tantra Bliss Experience



Tantra is an ancient and sacred art, which focuses on the awakening of sexual energy and the transformative power of sexual pleasure. It has been developed over thousands of years into the form it takes today, one which gives you the keys to unlock your own potential for intimacy, and the capacity to give and receive sexual pleasure. 


I seek to grant to you an experience, which brings this ancient art into your life and through it, amplifies the very essence of what it means to experience bliss.


A tantric session with me will provide you with an opportunity to get in touch with your deepest core and also to unlock the reservoirs of sexual energy held there so that you may learn to master them and harness them for your own pleasure and expansion of consciousness. 


During a session with me, we may include eye gazing, to deepen the connection between us; breathing techniques, which allow you to bring focus to your pleasure and awareness of your sexual energy; visualization techniques, that allow you to bring to the centre the desires that you wish to satisfy; and an overall expansion of consciousness that comes to life in you when you reach a state of sexual ecstasy.  

The orgasmic bliss which can be experienced through the unlocking of pleasure in a tantric session is significantly greater than that which is brought about from my sensual massage experience, but requires patience and a deep, sincere desire to explore the sexual essence of one's self. 

Tantric Bliss Experience ​

260 - 1 hr

360 - 1.5 hrs

500 - 2 hrs
700 - 3hrs

*Longer sessions will be based on a sliding scale. Please be prepared to have enough funds before the session.

*Any session longer than 2 hours needs to be pre-booked 24 hours in advance. 

*Client appreciation package - Purchase 3 sessions upfront and receive 1 session on me. (One year expiry date) 

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