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Sensual Massage & Erotic Awakening

I offer a variety of unique experiences that can provide you with the sensual relaxation and sexual pleasure that you may be seeking:


  • A sensual massage experience that relaxes the muscles and frees you from the tension of your daily life, which can lead to providing you with sexual pleasure. 


  • A Tantric experience, which frees the senses from the limits of your ordinary thinking mind, and heightens your natural sexual energy, giving you the experience of your own inner bliss. 



  • Sacred massage for women, is designed to awaken the senses of a woman while holding the sacred space for the feminine to restore the balance within.

  • This session can include a sacred yoni massage if the body allows for the opportunity to open.​​​


These experiences are quite different, but share one primary characteristic, the focus on your awakening of pleasure. I can offer these individually in subsequent sessions, or we can tailor them to match your needs and desires. You and I can discuss the possibilities during our intake interview.

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