Frequently Asked Questions

*Must read before seeing me

Most Frequently Asked Questions 

What are your boundaries?

I do not provide intercourse (vaginal or anal), kissing, digits or oral. I love being caressed, cuddled, and massaged with my consent first. I do not allow come anywhere near my face, bum, or vagina. Touching is welcomed once we have established boundaries and connection.

Are you naked during the massage?

Yes, I can be naked during our massage session, but my nudity is not a requirement and if you feel more comfortable with me remaining clothed you may certainly let me know. 

Will I experience an orgasm?

Yes, you may experience an orgasm during your session with me. I do provide the option of giving you a release, although, you may, in your journey of exploring tantra, wish to experience the option of withholding your orgasm, in order to attain sexual energy mastery and so that you may develop the ability to hold off your orgasm and increase your stamina. Tantra is an excellent tool, to help you achieve the full pleasure of orgasm without ejaculation. 

Booking Appointments

All bookings must be made over email prior to any booking. I DO NOT take phone calls nor book over text. Once you've emailed me, I will then send out a pre-screening questionnaire to ensure we are the right fit for one another.

In order to book any appointment with me, I require a personal or a work contact number that can receive and send out text messages. Fake numbers such as texting/phone apps will no longer be used as a reliable phone number to book an appointment with me.

If you require FULL discretion and only have access to an email or a phone app than a 50% deposit needs to be made before the appointment starts in order to guarantee an appointment with me.

Deposits can be made by etrasnfer to my email at Alternative methods of transferring a deposit can be Paypal or Crypto currency.

First Greeting

Upon first greeting, please introduce yourself in a polite manner. A warm greeting is always welcomed and also appreciated. Also, please tell me your name, phone number, reason for contacting me, which website you've discovered me from (Google, Leolist, PERB, CAF, etc),  and something unique about yourself. I deserve respect and welcome warmth and kindness. If you choose to disrespect me and do not acknowledge me as a human being then I will choose to end all means of communication with you. Treat others as you deserve to be treated. I will not tolerate abuse!


Hygiene and Personal Grooming


I do not pass judgment on anyone’s skin conditions. The oils I use are healing for different types of skin conditions. What I won’t tolerate is long and unfiled finger nails, body odor, STIs, open wounds/skin infections, bad breath, unwashed genitals, warts (please inform me if you have a wart), strong colognes/perfumes and cigarette breath/smoky clothes.

What do I do when I arrive at your studio?


Please inform me when you have arrived and have parked. Once I have responded, I will give you permission to come to the front door.

Early arrival

There is no need to notify me that you are early and parked. Please stick to our scheduled time and message me a few minutes before your booked time.


I do not contact my clients after our sessions together, except to set up time for booking, unless you engage with me for any reason, and I expect you to honor my discretion in turn. 

After hours/ after our time together

Please keep in mind that I am a woman with my projects on the go, and while I would love to have a deeper relationship with my clients, my time after hours is very important and sacred for me. I require a healthy comfort zone with my clients and can not engage with you outside of our sessions, unless it is as part of a previously agreed upon commitment!

 Please feel free to ask me about my social rendezvous options. 



I accept cash, Etransfer, Paypal, and now, Crypto currency. Etransfers are to be made 30 minutes before our scheduled appointment. Sometimes it can take 15-30 minutes for the payment to go through depending on the bank used. If the payment is not received before you show up then I will not go ahead with our session unless cash is provided.  If you’d like to pay in USD please let me know in advance. I accept USD 1:1. Crypto currency can be transferred to my wallet after we have talked and a mutual agreement has been made in regards to with method of payment.

Scheduling hours

It all depends on my day and what I have going on. If you message me within 12 hours to pre-book a time outside my hours I can try and accommodate you the best I can. I will not work during the hours of 11pm-9 am. No exceptions.
I do not take same day appointments due to an increase of projects I have in my schedule.


The more notice, the better! 24 hours notice would be great for cancellations. I understand life throws us fast balls and hurdles that get in the way, but please inform me if you are running late. If you do not update me on your situation before the appointment and arrive late, I will still bill you for the late/missed appointment. I can not give you extra time if you are over 15 minutes late. Keep in mind I do have a schedule to keep and can’t keep you longer over your scheduled time.

No shows will no longer have the opportunity to book with me.

Cancelling your session requires at least 12 HOURS notice.

Last minute cancellations require a 50% fee at time of next service. Covid related concerns I understand can be last minute, but please, give me as much notice as possible.

NO SHOWS are not tolerated, and will no longer be accepted as a client

Are your rates negotiable?

Absolutely not!

More Frequently Asked Questions 


I offer in-call only at my studio. I do not make outcalls.

Shower options

There is a shower at my studio is Tsawwassen.
There is no longer a shower option at my location in Vancouver. Hot towels are available as a cleansing solution.


Is your studio private or shared?

My home in Tsawwassen is shared with one other roommate and also a cat. Please inform me if you have cat allergies or phobias.

My townhouse in Vancouver is shared with other practitioners and also a dog. Please update me if you have allergies to dogs or phobias.

Both locations are quiet and discreet with no concern of seeing my roommate or other practitioners. Please inform me if you have issues with my working situations. I would be happy to explain further and help resolve any uncertainties that you may have.


Free parking

Tsawwassen location - Free parking in the street or in my driveway.

Vancouver location - Free two hour parking available all around the building. 

RMT receipt?

*Please take note that I do no issue receipts for sensual services. Any receipt issued is for a non sensual service only! Do not ask for me to submit receipts on my scared sexual healing packages.*

I can only provide you with a receipt if I have previously seen you before and I feel I can trust you enough to give you access to my real name and also my association number. Please be patient with this. If you are a loyal and honest person, I will most likely be able to accommodate you with a receipt one-day. 

*Receipts can only be issued in the province of Alberta. I cannot write receipts for client's in the province of BC until I pass and file for the proper documentations. At this current time I cannot give an answer on when I will become licenced in BC


Weight accommodations

I certainly will see you if you are on the heavy side. My table can support up to 600 lbs. Keep in mind, you may have to personally wash yourself in those hard to reach areas a little longer than usual, if you have trouble reaching a certain region, I can be of assistance, no judgment on my part. 


Hangover policy

Please do not come to see me when you are hungover. You may think getting a massage while you are hungover is going to feel good, but it actually makes your condition worse! Your body is already depleted of nutrients and is dehydrated. Massaging will move around all those toxins and will heighten your dehydration. You will only feel sore and will not reap any benefits. Basically, you will feel more hungover after the massage.


Deep Tissue?

I provide medium-hard pressure in my message sessions but do not do “deep” pressure throughout the session. I base my techniques/pressure on what your body needs and my hands are highly skilled in detecting what your muscles require. Deep tissue may induce or cause the onset of more pain and I am not comfortable doing so unless I feel it necessary and helpful to you.


I am currently offering duos with the lovely Sialo, and Olivia Jade. I will be offering duo massages with a male practitioner in the near future. 

I also provide yoni massages lessons on the beautiful Sialo. Please message me for details on arranging a time to see us.

All providers need 24 hours notice in advance to book a session with us.


I do not provide multiple releases. MSOG depletes your body of it's sexual energy and, I believe, in obtaining your natural sexual energy, rather than having the goal to drain you as many times as possible.


I have decided to dive into the fetish world. For now, I only want to explore providing light fetishes. Foot worshipping (on me), age play, finger gagging (on you), impact play (on you), wax play (on you) .


All these fetishes can be an added to a massage service (for an additional fee) or can be custom made into a session of your desire. Message me for more details about fetish services and/or buying a pair of my used/worn panties.


I will most definitely provide you a reference if you kindly ask me beforehand and we have developed an established relationship.

I find it very disrespectful and rude if you do not inform me that you need to use my name as a reference. If you do not follow my requirements in regards to asking a service provider before asking me, I can not grant you the reference.

Do you like to receive gifts as a token of appreciation?

I really do love gifts but I am very selective about the certain types of gifts I would like. Gift cards are always easy and convenient. Cards to me is one of the best gifts to give. It comes from the heart and I love reading the notes or poetry you've written just for me. I feel very special when receiving a card! 

Please do not bring any artificial treats such as candy, chocolate, drinks and basically any food products. I am very cautious about what goes into my body and I eat a whole foods/vegan diet. If you happen to have a banana or a bag of spinach handy to give then please share! If you are unsure about what type of food is safe to bring me, please just ask and I can let you know if it’s on the YAY or NAY list.


Can we hang out as friends outside work?

Please keep in mind that I adore being around you and enjoy every minute of our time spent together but I also need to draw a firm line when it comes to client/service provider relationships. It is definitely inappropriate to cross those boundaries. 


Do you like to party?

NO! Please do not offer me drugs or alcohol. I choose to practice my sessions without the use of any stimulants. Life is my drug!

Can I say hi to you in public?

No, please don't. I respect that you may want to reach out to me if we run into each other when we are out and about.  However, I prefer to keep clear and healthy boundaries with my clients. A respectful head nod or a discreet wave will do. 

Can I write you a review?

I do love getting reviews! I am very open to reading what you have to say about our time together. Please no vulgar and inappropriate reviews.