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Monday - 11am - 6pm Tsawwassen

Tuesday – 12 pm - 8 pm Vancouver

Wednesday – 11 am - 6 pm Tsawwassen

Thursday – 12 pm - 8 pm Vancouver

Friday – 11 am - 9 pm Tsawwassen

Saturday – 1 pm - 9 pm Tsawwassen/Vancouver

Sunday - OFF

*Preferred preference that any service appointment needs a minimum of 12 hours booked ahead of time. Will discount any hour service that is pre-booked ahead of time.

I now have two locations I work from. Tsawwassen is main studio and Vancouver is part time. 
Please keep in mind my schedule for the different locations when contacting me. I have set days for each location and prefer to stay within those set days.

I am open to pre-booked requests but nothing last minute or same day can be accommodated with switching schedules.


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