About Reye

Hi, I'm Reye (pronounced Ray), welcome to my website!

I am a skilled provider in the ancient and sacred art of Tantra, an art devoted to pleasure, relaxation and the maximization of sexual energy in its devotees and recipients. I practice my art in order to give you, my client, the power to not only develop sexual self mastery (so that you may learn to control your orgasm) but also to delve into the bliss that is the sensual relaxation of tantra. 

During the many years of my journey on the road of sexual self discovery, I uncovered a passion for both the incredible sexual ecstasy and the spiritual awakening that Tantra and touch therapy can provide, and now I wish to provide that to you. 

Originally from the prairies, I have travelled the world, from India to Southeast Asia and further abroad.  

But before I went on my journeys across the world in pursuit of knowledge and exotic experiences, I came from a small town, country background, one which taught me to appreciate the beauty of nature and the peacefulness of time spent outdoors. 

An extensively educated and experienced massage therapist (full RMT in the province of Alberta) with a background in Reiki touch healing, Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage, Thai massage, Tantric healing, and other holistic arts designed to provide therapeutic relaxation and cure the body of what ails it. 

During sessions with me, I will teach you to gain insight into your own sexual energy and also to experience heights of sexual pleasure that usually remain untapped for those not already in tune with their sensual selves. 

I am a siren of both inner and outer beauty, standing 5'5 with a curvy, statuesque and beautiful, all natural body. At 30 years old, I have attained a degree of maturity that has given me the insights necessary to know where my strengths lie and provided me with the wisdom to know who I am. 

With my intuitive insight into the sexual needs of others, and my innate gift of giving pleasure, you will find any session with me to be an invitation to experience ecstasy and Tantric Bliss. 

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Vancouver, British Columbia Canada

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