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Welcome, my name is Reye. I am a devotee to the practice of Tantra and experienced in the arts of touch therapy.

Based in Tsawwassen, BC.

I seek pleasure in
exploring opportunities to help guide you into limitless possibilities of sacred sexual healing.

Are you ready to transcend yourself into a world of sensuality and unlimited pleasure?
Are you ready to dive deep into a cosmic galaxy of pure self lasting intimacy?

Well, I invite you to enter my website.

Enjoy your visit.
Please read below for more details.



~ Updated July 1st 2022 ~

Moved, yet again!
Oh my goodness, I am a gypsy spirited goddess that follows the beat of my loving heart.

I will be living in out in the Gulf Island's, away from the city while being supported by my tree teachers.

My time away in the Kootney's opened and deepened my connection to spirit, and guided me to a place of inner knowing that I cannot turn away from.
I learned I am a light being.
I have an abundance of love to give to those who are willing to stand up in their power and let go of the programs we were born into.

My forest adventure has taught and reminded me how much I love living off the land. Living a simple, quiet life and away from city stress. That is where my heart soars and flies most. Being in-tune with nature and connected to my soul.

I am taking client's again part time and on specific days in Tsawwassen, BC
Please email me for more information.

*Note I am taking most of the July month off to transition back into BC and to enjoy the warm season to connect with self.

My teachings and practices continue to evolve, and I will be working with the natural rhythm of mother earth into my offerings.
Soon my name "Reye" will no longer be used.
I will be using a name that resonates with my highest being and a name that has a frequency of love. 

Stay turned for further details.  

Love and endless light to you,