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Welcome, my name is Reye. I am a devotee to the practice of Tantra and experienced in the arts of touch therapy.

Based in Tsawwassen (Delta), BC.

I seek pleasure in
exploring opportunities to help guide you into limitless possibilities of sacred sexual healing.

Are you ready to transcend yourself into a world of sensuality and unlimited pleasure?
Are you ready to dive deep into a cosmic galaxy of pure self lasting intimacy?

Well, I invite you to enter my website.

Enjoy your visit.


Updated August 26th, 2021

As the world continues to shift and transfigure, so does my skills and progression through the sacred sexual arts..
The call of personal development and spiritual growth is my only priority right now.


With a heavy heart I have decided to take a step away from my healing practice.
In order to be in dharma and transformation into the next realm of conscious evolution, I feel time and space away is fundamentally important for me.


During my time away, I am open to possibilities of online sessions only
Physical touch and social greetings are no longer available until further notice.

Know that I will miss you all.

Each connection I've shared with each one of you has been a blessing for me.
A gift I will hold dearly in my heart as I honor the time spent together.
Such fun, joy and pleasure was shared with many of you.
How grateful I am to have had such loyal,
respectful and kind students/teachers.

I do have faith that I will return in the future to continue to serve and hold you tenderly in a place of love and compassion.
My practice and healing services will change, but my heart and dedication to you will stay the same.
That is certain.

Take care of yourselves.
Continue to explore your sexual energy with practitioners that speak and connect in a language you understand.

Email is my ONLY method to book online services.
My phone line will be disconnected in time.

Please respect my decision to step away from my practice.
* Do not beg me to see you one more time.
* Do not ask when I will return. (I do not have an answer for you.)
- I will keep my website running with updates from time to time.
* Please find your own service providers as I do not have any recommendations for you.
* If you want to know how I am doing or wish to follow me on social media, you can do so on Twitter and Frisk ONLY. (Links posted on the bottom page)
* Please do not email me asking how I am or to chit chat.

Think as me as retired and honor my personal time.
Thank you for reading and respecting my choice to take care of myself and live my life.

Love and endless light to you,